They call me Nono


What ingredients does it take to make you?








dixon is made of ice, copper, and Villainy. With a dash of explosions.

Kyle is made of sugar, good luck, and happiness. With a dash of Holmes.

Heather is made of Gospel, smiles, and distractions. With a dash of flamethrowers.


HeatherJane is made of leopards, mangoes, and time. With a dash of Apocalypse.

Jackie Scheufler is made of grapes, sammiches, and Mother Nature. With a dash of fanfiction.

Lark is made of iron, grapes, and depression. With a dash of explosions.

Wow… that is remarkably accurate.

Right so what it gave for my real name made me cringe so I used my pledge name instead.

Skatha is made of brawn, Indie, and apathy. With a dash of Armageddon.

Much more accurate.

Chloe is made of hyenas, comedy, and technology, with a dash of cuddles.

…..well, shit.

Mich is made of smiles, papers, and genius. With a dash of porn.

How on Earth did they know?

Pirjo is made of dreams, hedgehog spikes, blood, spices, water, air, light n’ DARKNESS and a wee bit of chokolate.

(Source: candycornbootier)

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