They call me Nono

Mar 9



I chase a dream


it’s not about

reach the goal

it’s not about

run a Marathon

it’s not


but it’s about

steps perhaps

to raise up

at least lift up your head

and see



Aug 3


A cup of coffee sometimes is a matter between life and death.

Feb 3

3 February - 9:30 am, minus 5 Celsius

Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle Books: Save Undershaw Books raise thousands of dollars towards campaign to save Sherlock's Home



Actors, authors, illustrators and fans who have written and contributed to six major books are kindly donating royalties to the Save Undershaw campaign. Please help by doing two things:

1. Visit the Save Undershaw Facebook Page and click ‘like’

2. Share this list of great books as far…



a book fountain in Budapest

this is one of the coolest fountains I’ve ever seen

A page turner! Awesome.



a book fountain in Budapest

this is one of the coolest fountains I’ve ever seen

A page turner! Awesome.

spring mirage

it’s january - midvintertime

sunny but cold

all the sudden i see dust

whirling from the road


of sand and dirt, but dry

all though it is cold

this reminds my heart

of spring

Sherlockology: A message on behalf of Andrew Scott about his fanmail


Towards the end of the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival yesterday, we were able to have a quick chat with Andrew Scott, and he asked us to pass on an important message to everyone that sends him fanmail.

Andrew absolutely loves receiving fanmail, reads everything,…

Jun 9

Existencial wondering

  • Do all the postings exist if I don't scroll down and read/see them?
Jun 6

Traditional theatre preformace in Kyoto, Japan. Warrior dancing. Two geishas preforming a dance.

Jun 3

I got a letter

Dear Myself (whoever you are),

I have noticed a lack of something, I don’t know if it is interest or commitment or what, but something is lacking. Are you loosing it? And you look like a star – don’t get me wrong, you are not that shiny thing, but your areas of interest are spread all over it is like you where going to this, that and whatever direction at once. Don’t you believe in anything? Like you just didn’t know in what world you belonged or what worse is, if you belong at all. Like you just pretend to live or as most live just half of it. This makes me a bit sad.

Oh you do a lot all the time – but is your heart in it? It isn’t, I can tell. Does world exist for you? Do you? Haven’t you proven that you can do whatever you want over and over? What more do you need to believe?

There is this constant pain inside your heart. The road of life you walk, it doesn’t give you peace. But is it peace you really want? You know this, don’t you, the learning part and the importance of walking the path? And the truth of spirituality, you can find it everywhere if you open your eyes to see. There is no real world out there – maybe this is the thing that makes you stumble now – the knowledge of what is real.

Oh, I know, you are longing, so much longing in this time. Diffuse and untouchable urge towards something. You know these times, don’t you? Times of change, on the threshold of manifestation.

So, please, you have been knocking on that door so many times before and not had the opportunity to open it, always something missing from the picture. You know that you will encounter everything you long for. Your business is just to understand what it is you see and experience. Those opportunities are often not what you expect them to be. You never know where it comes from. This trains your judging skill.

But the main thing for now seems to be your poor ability to limit the flow. Why do you have to open all the doors at once? You say; ‘be there job’ and you get so much you drown in it. You say;’ be there money’ and it seems to be given (because of the job, mainly). You say; ‘be there writing’ and your job comes in between. Ah, I think that we have found the cause of your longing. And I know darling one, you are longing for someone as well, someone special just for you. The part; ‘be there someone’ is avoiding you.

It doesn’t help you, to long. That special person might come along tomorrow already, and it might take five more years as well. You have lost your faith in that, haven’t you? Well, I don’t blame you. Because who am I kidding here – sitting here and writing to myself, trying to offer solace? So indeed, I know what you want, you want to move along, ahead.

This is the circle and we have come on its own end. The serpent biting its own tail. Just know this, the serpent doesn’t bite its own tail, it bites another serpents tail, you are moving ahead! I prey for you.

With all my love and devotion,

Your own Self